Netflix Packets Surpass All Others in the US

Netflix now owns the largest share of data packets streaming video to millions of households in the United States. In a way, it’s nice to see that monetized media is finally playing a major role in today’s internet as Netflix last year finally surpassed BitTorrent data packets being sent around the net. BitTorrent is regularly known for mis-use of the protocol, used to download ripped movies, music, and software that has been stolen and distributed around the internet. And while it was simply a protocol, that so many people mis-used, it was something that couldn’t be stopped, that is until something more competitive came out, like a Netflix!

If you are watching data packets on the public infrastructure, you will see that Netflix, as of 2011, consists of about 22% of the traffic. These are typically these High Definition video streams going in and out of all of our homes. BitTorrent now commands around 21%, while standard HTTP traffic sits at 16%. It makes sense that media transfer would own a sizable chunk. Video will most likely continue to consume a majority of the bandwidth out there, and for now, that’s for Netflix to control.

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