JavaScript Tron, Written in 221 bytes

Tron is a classic game that we all know. Also known as nibbles, snake, worm, light cycle, this game has many different variants and I’m pretty sure nobody truly knows what came first. What we do know is that it’s a great game to create when beginning programming or when challenging yourself to create with sized limits. This was one of my first game created in both Basic and the TI calculators.

It’s good practice to see how efficient you can get a game / program to be. A couple of co-workers (I’m not sure what company they were working for) got together and competed to make the smallest version of Tron in JavaScript. Getting down to 226 bytes and solving to reduce to 223 is a huge achievement. So, how small can you write Tron?

Try the game here:

It’s not perfect, but it is very cool to see that it only took 221 bytes for this. Enjoy!

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