Google Drive vs Dropbox in April?

The most recent rumor that gets me excited is the thought of a Google Drive becoming available. The company Dropbox, did a beautiful thing, that’s simple and straight forward, but that many of us take for granted. What dropbox does is offers an Internet file storage service that runs continuously rather than periodically syncing. And it’s free. What you do is create a dropbox folder, install the software on your Mac, Linux, and PC and that folder will continually be synced with any other machine that also is configured. Need to share a folder, easy…

Since Dropbox, we’ve seen the evolution of, which is the enterprise version. We’ve also seen the emergence of the iCloud and Office 365. So naturally, Google had to get in on the mix. Sure iCloud can get in there, Office 365,, but what will it take for me to completely switch my service, which I pay for from Dropbox to Google? Here are my criteria:

  • Price – Below I put a potential price sheet. It looks like Google is going to beat the pants off Dropbox costs.
  • Sync Speeds – I’ve had a lot of issues with speeds of syncs. Often times, Dropbox isn’t fast enough for me.
  • Features – One reason I really like Google Docs is because of the collaborative edit features. Implement that some how with Google Drive and you’ve got me completely.

There’s still too much speculation to know what’s going to happen. April may not even be a true release date, but it’s on my radar. And I would probably make the switch.

20 GB ($5.00 USD per year)
80 GB ($20.00 USD per year)
200 GB ($50.00 USD per year)
400 GB ($100.00 USD per year)
1 TB ($256.00 USD per year)

50 GB ($99.00 USD per year)
100 GB ($199.00 USD per year)

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