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20 mar

Low Orbit Server Stations (LOSS) – Air-based Servers

Cloud Computing, Electronics, Hardware, Internet, Robotics, Solar

Today, we wake up in the morning to our phones, open them, take a look at some news, check our email, and get ready for the day. Almost every individual in the US has wireless networks in their homes and … Continue reading

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19 mar

Netflix Packets Surpass All Others in the US

Hardware, Internet, Netflix

Netflix now owns the largest share of data packets streaming video to millions of households in the United States. In a way, it’s nice to see that monetized media is finally playing a major role in today’s internet as Netflix … Continue reading

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17 mar

It’s St. Patty’s Day, Let’s do some SXSW Music

Apple, Entertainment, Google, Media, Microsoft, News

I figure I’ll take the day off from getting too technical. Instead, I found some music played at last weeks SXSW conference. I’m pretty sad that I missed it. SXSW is a very large conference joining Music, Interactive, and Film … Continue reading

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16 mar

Tear Down the New iPad 3

Apple, Electronics, Entertainment, Internet, iPad, Media

What’s better to do than to take a new hot item and tear it apart. Not figuratively, actually take apart the pieces. iPad’s are simply computers. Here’s the tear down of the most recent iPad 3 along with some videos … Continue reading

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15 mar

Swiss Army Knife with a USB Drive

Design, DIY, Electronics, Home Projects, howto

The days are evolving and the times are becoming more and more when storing data is almost or more than important than being able to cut things with a knife. So, what do you do when you cannot transfer data? … Continue reading

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14 mar

Very Cool Parallax CSS from Nike

3D Graphics, Browsers, HTML5/CSS3, Internet

I’ve been on a kick recently, taking a look at new CSS3 and techniques that are quick to grow in our marketing and advertising worlds. One of these new techniques is something that is called parallax. Parallax means to displace … Continue reading

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13 mar

CSS3 Gradient Generators & Tools

Browsers, Chrome, Firefox, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Internet Explorer, Safari

HTML5 and CSS3 are becoming more and more prevalent. Although very slowly, it’s becoming important and very nice to begin implementing HTML5 and CSS3 into your current websites to add some extra flare. Along with all of these new implementations, … Continue reading

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12 mar

Every Developer, Actually Any Role, Needs R&R

Companies, News, Programming

I apologize for not having many posts this month, but honestly I’ve been on the wire. I took a 4 day break and reached complete R&R. Very rare, but not only a day in, it’s back to the regular. I … Continue reading

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6 mar

The “Lingering” Browser! Internet Explorer 8

Browsers, Chrome, Firefox, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Internet Explorer, JavaScript, Microsoft, Safari

It’s pretty incredible to watch browser warfare over the past couple of years. Internet Explorer has been the pain in the backside that has kept us web programmers up for hours on end. The reason behind this is because Microsoft … Continue reading

5 mar

Relative Protocol URL’s – http(s) safe

Chrome, Cloud Computing, Firefox, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Internet Explorer, Microsoft, Safari

It’s pretty often that we use and see relative URL’s. They are everywhere. They help maintain portable environments and organization / maintenance of websites. What many may not hear about that often are that URL’s can also have relative protocols. … Continue reading

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