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30 apr

Revision3 Internet TV to be Acquired?

Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Hardware, howto, Internet, Media, Mobility, News

Revision3 TV is an internet broadcasting company that creates and distributes web televisions on not so common topics. I am regularly posting videos from their produced show Hak5, which has specific drive towards hacking and technology, but while catching the … Continue reading

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29 apr

NVIDIA with a Dual Processors on Graphics Cards

3D Graphics, Electronics, Hardware, Media

Technology gets more and integrated as chips get smaller and processors get faster. That goes the same for integrated peripherals on the motherboard and even video cards. The most recent rage is screen real-estate; increasing your screen size and loading … Continue reading

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27 apr

Firefox 12 with 3D Debugging Comes Native

3D Graphics, Browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Internet, Internet Explorer, Microsoft

I do not like Firefox! Sorry, excuse me. Working with each and every browser on the market, I must make sure that all browsers are working with all my sites and I have to say that the browser that gives … Continue reading

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26 apr

SpotCrime – Interfacing Existing Technologies for a Purpose

***, Google, Internet, JavaScript, Media, Mobility, News

There are all these free and open source technologies out there. Open API’s and utilities to free JavaScript frameworks, not to mention web services and all the sorts. So, why haven’t people simply integrate the existing technologies into something that … Continue reading

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25 apr

MakiLab MakiBox 3D Printer Progress

DIY, Electronics, Hacking, Hardware, Home Projects, Robotics

It’s been a couple of months since the inception of the MakiBox and since the beginning of funding for the cheap and affordable 3D Printer. So, what do they do with all the money they made, the nearly $150K? Well, … Continue reading

24 apr

2x 27-Inch Monitor Upgrade – Dell U2711 Ultrasharp

DIY, eBay, Electronics, Hardware, Home Projects, howto

About a month ago, I began diving into what I would do for a desktop upgrade. It’s been about 4 years since I’ve upgraded my desktop PC and I figured I needed something big! My desktop has 8 GB of … Continue reading

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23 apr

Will Liquid Metal Take the Shape of the New iPhone?

Apple, Electronics, Guest Posts, Mobility

I’m not a fan of repeating rumors, but I’ll make an exception in this case since I found this video¬†absolutely¬†fascinating and if it doesn’t come to fruition then I will be¬†disappointed… well, just a little bit. The new iphone iphone … Continue reading

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23 apr

Skype for Windows Phone

Android, Apple, Electronics, Hardware, iPhone, Microsoft, Mobility, Windows, Windows (Mobile)

Microsoft has really been behind on the latest and greatest, specifically with mobile phones and devices. Fortunately for them, they have the advantage of watching all of their competitors make mistakes, and using their huge capital base to invest in … Continue reading

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22 apr

Play Tetris on a Huge Building? Cool!

**, Electronics, Entertainment, Hacking

The ultimate of hacking is taking a Tetris game and playing it with the lights on a building. So, check this out.

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21 apr

Proximity Sensors on a Larger Scale

Design, DIY, Electronics, Entertainment, Hardware, Home Projects

Last nights post was about proximity sensors and using them in your home. Well, there are a lot more uses and uses on a much larger scale as well. Some very cool stuff involving LCD and LED reactions, swimming pools … Continue reading

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