When Sony Slides Down, the Aces Come Out?

I’m not really sure how to view this, but it seems that as Sony reports billion dollar losses, they are grasping on to any straw that will help and assist in aiding profits. I’m not sure if you would consider this an ace or not, but it’s something…

Something that I’ve been looking for is an easy removable storage system without all the costs that are associated. Sure tape backups are the most inexpensive and with the most space, but let’s check it out. How about a laser reading disk player, much like a blue ray disk, that can hold from 300 GB to 1.5 TB? Actually, is this still old-school style? It doesn’t meet the storage capacity of tapes. Is it cheaper? Can Sony even create a market for this? It seems interesting, but for this to really fly, the price point has to be there.

That said, it’s obvious that Sony has been slipping, look at their numbers. Can you trust some of these new tech releases? I’m not holding my breathe. For anything Sony, beware!

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