Dropbox now has Drag and Drop Web Interface

Dropbox is the company that took the jump on cloud storage, taking a simple concept of sharing your data across several machines by storing your data on a server and distributing. Dropbox is the premiere cloud storage system and as the “premiere” piece of anything, you need to have the “premiere” technology. This is something that Dropbox just began to do.

Finally, Dropbox has Drag and Drop, much like Google’s GMail, that allows you to take any file on your computer, drag, and then drop it onto the browser open with Dropbox. Ahhh, finally… for all those computers that you don’t have setup with Dropbox sync, you can load up the web client and drop it on the browser. It’s still a long ride for Dropbox with all the competition brewing around. Something as simple as drag and drop to make the interface about 10 times easier, good call!

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