Will Liquid Metal Take the Shape of the New iPhone?

I’m not a fan of repeating rumors, but I’ll make an exception in this case since I found this video absolutely fascinating and if it doesn’t come to fruition then I will be disappointed… well, just a little bit.

The new iphone iphone 5 is rumored to use new “liquid metal” alloys to yield a lighter, thinner device to resist accidental drops and falls that we’ve all had the unfortunate displeasure of experiencing. The rumor recently gained a lot of strength since Apple has done the following things over the past couple of years, but really all it takes is an “industry source” says it will done and therefore the world pays attention including me.

Liquidmetal is an alloy of zirconium, titanium, nickel and copper, which stores energy much better than stainless steel or Titanium meanwhile having an outer surface that’s smooth like liquid and more than twice the strength of Titanium. Liquidmetal alloys is said to render current technology materials obsolete.

Here’s a video demonstration of how Liquidmetal energy resists impact in comparison to our more common alloys. It’s quite remarkable even up to the very end!

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