SpotCrime – Interfacing Existing Technologies for a Purpose

There are all these free and open source technologies out there. Open API’s and utilities to free JavaScript frameworks, not to mention web services and all the sorts. So, why haven’t people simply integrate the existing technologies into something that we can use? It’s finding that right match.

Well I found one of these right matches in a website called Where you can type in your address and find out what crimes have taken place and how recent they have taken place. In addition, when there are updates to the database, you can have the maps emailed to you so that you know exactly what is going on around your town. Great find and has helped me feel a lot more comfortable with my most recent move. EN-joy!

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I'm Phillihp. My name can be spelled the same way forwards and backwards, so can my posts... if you wish. I'm out here exploring, learning, and sharing what I find. This is more for fun and personal growth, I aim to be as consistent as possible, so check back daily!
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