Revision3 Internet TV to be Acquired?

Revision3 TV is an internet broadcasting company that creates and distributes web televisions on not so common topics. I am regularly posting videos from their produced show Hak5, which has specific drive towards hacking and technology, but while catching the buzz of Hak5, I’ve found many more videos and TV shows as well. Well, to my surprise, they do more than just Tech videos. They have Cooking, Science, Si-Fi, Comics, Reality, Comedy, and even News television programs. And they have some great content!

Revision3 has become a huge niche internet television source and they are winning customers over by exploiting the niches that can be accessed on the internet and converging their videos as content that is self-marketable. Sure enough, this has caught the eye of the big media companies who are trying to enter the space, and it looks like the big guy, The Discovery Channel, is in talks for acquiring for about $40million. Not too shabby.

It’s a cool concept, a fascinating story, and another success done by a small group of internet pioneers. If you haven’t already, check out Revision3 TV otherwise, I’ll just keep posting their videos here.

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