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31 may

Take a look at this Monster 7 Ghz Overclock!

*, Electronics, Hacking, Hardware

It’s sort of seemed like things have sputtered off in the processor world over the past 5 years or so. Speeds flattened off at around 3 to 4 Ghz and then multi-core’s spread like a wild-fire as it’s a lot … Continue reading

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30 may

SkySQL vs MySQL and Oracle – Web Databases for You

***, Cloud Computing, Databases, Internet, Programming

There is a new home for talent from the MySQL stream. MySQL was the fastest growing database throughout the web world between 1995 and 2010. Facebook is based on a MySQL database. It was MySQL that was that little pain … Continue reading

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29 may

Tutorial: How to Setup 6 Monitors on Your PC

***, DIY, Electronics, Hardware

I’ve had this tutorial for a couple of years on one of my other websites. It’s very fitting for this blog, so I thought that I would port it over here too. If you would like to learn how to … Continue reading

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28 may

Drive a Car in Your Browser with WebGL / JS

*, 3D Graphics, Browsers, DIY, Entertainment, howto, JavaScript, WebGL

I’m not really sure how I got off the topic of WebGL via JavaScript as it’s such a fascinating area to work. A year and a half ago, I launched my blog with a WebGL Tetris game as it was … Continue reading

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27 may

jQuery 2012 Conference in San Francisco, CA

Browsers, DIY, Google, Internet, JavaScript, Mobility

jQuery conferences roll around the world each year in an attempt to raise awareness and promote their already monstrous JavaScript framework. They claim Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and even Twitter, which just proves that building shovels and tools to build, you … Continue reading

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25 may

Pre-Processing CSS with SASS and LESS

***, Browsers, Design, DIY, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Media, Mobility

We’ve all heard of Pre-Processing your HTML, naturally this was an evolution of the web as server side interaction with clients seemed almost mandatory. Another common method and technique used today is the combination and minification of your JavaScript and … Continue reading

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24 may

The Current and Future Spread of Mobile Browsers

***, Android, Browsers, Chrome, Design, Firefox, Internet, Internet Explorer, iPad, iPhone, Mobility, Safari

Very often, I find myself in discussions about desktop browsers, which ones can we stop supporting, which ones are the most popular now, which will be the most popular in the future. Desktop browsing is always shifting, but fortunately, the … Continue reading

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22 may

Launch of SpaceX Falcon 9 Today

*, Entertainment, Robotics, Space

I’m not one to get very political on this blog, but it’s quite an astonishing achievement to see NASA convert over to the private sector to run the day to day tasks required on the International Space Station. Surprisingly there … Continue reading

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21 may

Control Your Computer with Air Gestures Using Leap

Electronics, Guest Posts

Gesture based hardware is getting more and more popular thanks to Kinect and Minority Report. Who needs a touch screen computer when you can now control it tom cruz style? Leap, available for pre-order for windows and mac, is a … Continue reading

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21 may

It’s Official – Chrome is the Most Popular Browser

Browsers, Chrome, Google, Internet, Internet Explorer

Sure you can take this with a grain of salt, but you can also simply watch the trends and easily notice that Chrome is now Top-Dog in desktop browsers. It is the only major browser out there that have a … Continue reading

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