The Current and Future Spread of Mobile Browsers

Very often, I find myself in discussions about desktop browsers, which ones can we stop supporting, which ones are the most popular now, which will be the most popular in the future. Desktop browsing is always shifting, but fortunately, the dynamic attitude of a desktop browser can be confined to within about 6 major name brands that house the better than 80/20 of the internet as we know it. On the web, we are hoping to achieve the 99/1.

But each of these desktop browser discussions always highlights the complexity of the mobile world. You would think that we would have learned our lessons from the desktop browser wars with what is going on in the mobile world. But, I guess not. We now fight an even tougher battle, adapting and flowing with the stream of mobile browsers.

I found this fantastic article done by CNET which, if you are a web application developer, designer, or anything to do with Mobile, you must read. Take a look.

Browser choice: A thing of the past?

Take a look at our new world of mobile browsers that we must continue to maintain support for and you will see the new world that is an evolution of our web.

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