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28 jun

Virtual Reality is Right in Front of You

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It’s all around us, it’s right in front of you. The technologies that can make Virtual Reality a “reality” are already here. From the XBox Kinect to a head visor display, we can already do very amazing renderings of Virtual … Continue reading

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27 jun

Obama vs Romney – Defend Against Alien Invasion

*, News, Space

Who do American’s think would serve better in an Alien Invasion? Obama or Romney? Two thirds of America say Obama… Ha, funny read… take a look.

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27 jun

Google I/O – Guess What? Hardware and the Nexus Q

**, Cloud Computing, Electronics, Google, Hardware, Internet, Media

We look at all of the entertainment and technology in our home and we see a couple of distinguished things. We have television and internet and they are quite separate. What many companies have been trying to do is put … Continue reading

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26 jun

Microsoft buys Yammer for $1.2B – Social Enterprise

**, Cloud Computing, Internet, Microsoft, News

In the midst of all the small company scoop ups, Microsoft plays its hand and scoops up Yammer for $1.2B, which is an Enterprise Social Networking company. It seems that the next big thing, now that we all know Facebook … Continue reading

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25 jun

Everything Should be in Source Control: PSD’s Also!

***, Cloud Computing, Internet, Media, Photoshop

I have a fundamental belief that any and all work should be managed by some sort of Source Control system. Naturally, I was raised a programmer, so anything I do I know to keep very closely tied to either GIT, … Continue reading

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24 jun

Frog’s can also Play on iPhone’s

*, Electronics, Games, iPhone

If you have a pet frog, they can also play iPhone games. But be careful…

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22 jun

Bad Memory? Why not Capture Everything?

**, DIY, eBay, Electronics, Entertainment, Google, Hardware, howto, Mobility, Photoshop

Do you have a bad memory and forget things often? Well, this instructables has just what you are looking for. Why not take pictures of everything around you as you are doing whatever it is you are doing. It’s kind … Continue reading

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21 jun

Samsung Galaxy S III Comercials

*, Electronics, Media, Mobility, News, Samsung

So far, the Samsung Galaxy S class has been the best seller against the iPhone. So I’ve been keeping a close eye on it. I’ve even been an owner of the first two in the generation and now the third … Continue reading

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20 jun

More on Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface Announcement

Cloud Computing, Electronics, Entertainment, Hardware, Internet, Microsoft, Mobility, News, Windows

If you have the time and the “want” watch the entire Microsoft Surface Announcement. I’ll be watching in the background while at work. It’s about 47 minutes.

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19 jun

Microsoft Surface Tablet Announced Today

**, Android, Apple, Electronics, Hardware, iPad, iPhone, Microsoft, Mobility, Windows (Mobile)

It’s way too easy for most people to quickly dismis Microsoft as old-school, copy-cats, and lacking innovation. But Microsoft is still one of the largest companies out there and is integrated all over this world, so it’s not going anywhere … Continue reading

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