Microsoft Surface Tablet Announced Today

It’s way too easy for most people to quickly dismis Microsoft as old-school, copy-cats, and lacking innovation. But Microsoft is still one of the largest companies out there and is integrated all over this world, so it’s not going anywhere for some time. Recently, Apple has been exploding in the device market, starting with iPod’s then diving into iPhones, and then into the tablet market. What Apple has not really been able to do was enter the enterprise market. In-fact, Apple Server’s have been discontinued all-together.

So, where does Microsoft fit into all of these new evolving technologies? Windows Phone has been making quite a splash, teaming up with Nokia to provide affordable phones that add “smart” and kill out the Symbian mobile OS. As RIMM’s ship continues to sink, Microsoft has also been finding space in the work-place, taking over for work-phones.

So now with the release of Microsoft Surface Tablet, we will see our first completely thin and compact Windows laptop / tablet with Windows 8 interface combination. Where will this all fit in? Less expensive and enterprise markets will be my guess. Take a look at the new Microsoft toys.

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