Google I/O – Guess What? Hardware and the Nexus Q

We look at all of the entertainment and technology in our home and we see a couple of distinguished things. We have television and internet and they are quite separate. What many companies have been trying to do is put the two together. Get internet media to the TV and TV routed through the internet. So how do you do that? Apple has their multitude of Apple TV renditions, which has mostly not worked out. And the we have the variations of Internet enabled TV’s and seen those major flops. Even Google had a GoogleTV, which appeared to flop as well.

Well, now we have yet another Google attempt with the Nexus Q. Google, like Apple, is trying to build a family of products that work together; all on the Android OS. I have many doubts. I have seen the amount of work that you have to do to have a successful integration, how quick they get swapped out, and how much they are actually used… But, we’ll see. Maybe the new sleek design of a round system will peek interest.

It’s interesting… but I’m not all that excited.

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