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31 jul

Did HTML5 Demolish Flash? Or Something Else?

***, Browsers, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Microsoft, WebGL Here is a fantastic, fun, and easy to learn game. Take a tank, drive it around some objects, and shoot other tanks. Cannot get any more fun than that. The game is written in WebGL, which is OpenGL for … Continue reading

30 jul

Samsung Outsells Apple’s iPhone 2 to 1 in Q2

*, Android, Apple, Electronics, Hardware, Internet, iPhone, Samsung

Samsung is doing a terrific job in the mobile phone market over the past couple of years. In-fact, most recently Samsung has been outselling the iPhone by 2-to-1, which is quite a show in itself. But does that really mean … Continue reading

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29 jul

Google Fiber – Kansas City is Gearing Up

*, Clusters, Google, Internet, News

After the heavily sought after Google Fiber petition, Google fiber chose to wire up the city of Kansas City with fiber optics to the door. Blazing fast speeds of up to 1000m Mbps, that’s right, around 1 Gbps at the … Continue reading

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26 jul

Build a Bamboo Bicycle

*, DIY, Entertainment

I found this today. Bamboo seems to make things just a little bit nicer. It’s strong, so it can take care of the issue of supporting a persons weight, so why not make an authentic and nice bamboo bicycle? Check … Continue reading

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25 jul

Apple Cheaper Mountain Lion, New Safari, What Strategy?

***, Android, Apple, Chrome, Electronics, Google, Hardware, Internet, iPad, iPhone, Linux, Mac, Microsoft, Mobility, News, Safari, Windows

Today was a tough day for Apple’s stock price, which lost nearly 5% today after their earnings post. Although Apple reported solid revenue numbers, it seems that many investors are beginning to doubt future growth. Really? What is everybody talking … Continue reading

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24 jul

Post-It Notes Mario, Pacman, and Tetris

*, Internet, Media, News

Wonder what it looks like to make Mario, Macman, and Tetris with Post-It notes? Here you go. Behind the scenes also.

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23 jul

The Scoop on Jelly Bean and Porting to Your Phone

***, Android, Apple, Google, Hardware, iPhone, Mobility, News, Samsung

XDA-Developers is the true source to get all of your phone scoop info on getting new OS’s on your new and old phones. I’m often talking about iPhone’s and most recently the Galaxy class phones from Samsung. Android, different from … Continue reading

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22 jul

Gizmo Slip – Dropping the Samsung Galaxy S III + More

***, Android, Electronics, Hardware, Media, Samsung is a new site I just found that does a number of tests on devices and the reality of the world we live in. Lets face it, we all break our phones and devices from time to time and … Continue reading

21 jul

HTML5 Splits into Two – W3C and WHATWG

***, Apple, Chrome, Firefox, Google, Internet, Microsoft, News, Safari

What, WG? wth? We all know what W3C is, the Wide Web Consortium (W3C) where we go to get our final specification on what HTML and CSS are. What WHATWG really is, are the original designers of the HTML5 specification. … Continue reading

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20 jul

The Dark Knight Rises Doesn’t have 3D. Yes!

***, 3D Graphics, Electronics, Entertainment, Hardware, Media, News

Have I mentioned this before? I am so glad that The Dark Knight is not in 3D. For some reason, people think that paying more money for something makes the experience better… it has to be better, it’s in 3D!!! … Continue reading