Objective-C is Taking Over C, Why? Apple

It’s no surprise that Objective-C is making major roadways through the industry of software programming. Objective-C origins began in 1980 and has been readily adapted by Steve Jobs and NeXT computing. The syntax comes from Smalltalk and is considered a thin layer on top of the C programming language. The code is syntactically unique, completely object oriented and pre-processing. These days Objective-C has made major inroads in Apple products. In 1996, Apple bought NeXT along with it’s compiler and project builder, which is now today’s XCode.

So how does Objective-C play a part in your software development skill set? Any apple product or even mobile app developed in iOS will be done in this seemingly growing language. It’s getting very close to the popularity of Java and even standard C, already taking over C++ by TIOBE’s Top20 Chart.


So, do you want to get started? Here’s your first guide:

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