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30 aug

Science Ruins Everything: io9 Future

*, Solar, Space

io9: We Come from the Future – is a new Revision3 internet show that explores science and technology in new ways we did not know before. Check it out here. I don’t know quite yet.. but I’m going to give … Continue reading

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29 aug

.NET MVC4 Released, Popular, Rapidly Dominating

.NET MVC, ***, CakePHP, Internet, Java, Microsoft, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Windows

If anything, Microsoft is big on consistency and adopting to new technologies, no matter how long it takes. 6 Years after Ruby on Rails was first introduced (2005), Microsoft has released a true MVC framework .NET MVC3 which took center … Continue reading

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29 aug

Nikon and Samsung Announce Android OS Powered Cameras

***, Android, Electronics, Internet, Media, Samsung

Get ready! We are entering into a new era of not only smart phones, smart TVs, tablets, ultra books, but now we’ve got smart cameras! This week, Nikon and Samsung revealed the very first Android powered cameras. This is only … Continue reading

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29 aug

Airplay Direct: Network No Longer Required

***, Apple, Entertainment, Internet, iPad, Mac, Media, Mobility

When you’re able to mirror audio/video of your entire iphone/ipad or computer screen (OSX 10.8) wirelessly to a TV using a cheap $99 portable device (Apple TV 2), the possibilities are endless for presentation purposes. The only problem is, both … Continue reading

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28 aug

Injection Hacking – How about Radio Frequencies?

**, Electronics, Hacking, Hardware, Mobility

Injection Hacking is one of the most fundamental realms of hacking that exists. The goal being: find a piece of code that allows custom input, while not prohibiting vulnerable interactions. This is a common discovery on many systems that have … Continue reading

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27 aug

What Now? Apple vs. Samsung verdict of $1B by Jury

***, Android, Apple, Electronics, Hardware, iPhone, Samsung, Stock

Samsung, with a market cap around $170B, shed around 7% or $12B in market value due to declining stock price on the hype of the Apple win by Jury recommendation last Friday in the case Apple vs. Samsung, defending patents … Continue reading

26 aug Updates on Samsung vs Apple

*, Android, Apple, iPhone, News, Samsung

There has been a lot of news and updates on the Samsung vs Apple battle. And I have a lot of juicy information on what Samsung is going to do next. Before then, take a look at what all of … Continue reading

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25 aug

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, Addresses Apple Employees After Lawsuit Victory

**, Apple, Electronics, Mobility, Samsung

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, addressed Apple employees after winning the biggest patent litigation of all time. A jury found that Samsung had willfully infringed on both Apple’s patents and trade dress for the iPhone and issued a verdict of over … Continue reading

24 aug

Google Now is the New Personal Assistant with Augmented Search

***, Android, Apple, Google, Internet, iPad, iPhone, Mobility, User Experience

It was just a year ago when Apple revealed their iPhone 4s, their only phone to support their new personal voice assistant program, Siri, designed to revolutionize how to use and search the internet with your phone.¬†Well, it’s a year … Continue reading

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23 aug

Piracy: Ubisoft Claims Rate of 93-95% for F2P

***, 3D Graphics, Clusters, Companies, Entertainment, Games, Internet, News

Ubisoft is a company that I have watched for quite some time, producing and owing some of the video games that I love the most. If you follow much, I’m not a huge gamer. I have most of my time … Continue reading

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