OS Market Share Overlook, Windows 7 Growing

I knew Windows 7 was going to take the new foothold in OS market share the day I installed the first Beta. My Windows Vista experience was so poor, that at the first sight of Windows 7, I jumped on it. Windows 7 Beta restored my faith in Microsoft and saved me from the worst year of my life, that was, Windows Vista. How can you release a product with so many issues? Depending on manufacturer support, rather than working out the issues on the OS level prove to become the unwinding of Windows Operating Systems.

MacOS gets around this issue with the combination of efforts, combining both Hardware and Operating System into the same package. But to this day, Windows XP still holds the largest piece of the pie, where companies are too afraid to upgrade already working systems. It’s too much money and there is no reason to fix something that isn’t broken. This is the long fear of many web developers out there, as Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7 are still a major browser on these older Windows XP machines. But where do all the browsers, including smart phones, sit?

It’s pretty simple and quite surprising. Mobile phones only match up to between 6 and 7% of all operating systems out there. Windows XP is a giant, and still dominating, while Windows 7 will easily take over in the coming years. With Windows 8 on the scene coming up in a couple of months, we will see even more turnover as the pricing model adjusts. Another surprise, with all the rage that is Apple, Windows Vista is still beating out MacOSX. But combined with iOS, Apple now sits in 11% of hardware devices.

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