How to Build a Windows Phone with OAuth

Wow, I am posting a lot of Windows related things lately. I guess it’s because Microsoft continues to throw out all of these new things, Windows Phone, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows Surface, Microsoft Visual Studio 2012… ohh.. let me catch my breath. So, sure, Microsoft is releasing a lot of things, but the difference is that they are taking their stage to a new level. Microsoft has always been a dominant company, but they quickly got comfortable and other companies like Apple, Google, VMWare, Amazon, Facebook, and others have been able to enter their space and make a name for themselves.

So, what is this new Windows Phone all about? Well, Microsoft likes to make it as easy as possible to develop on their platforms. Take it from the completely Graphical User Interfaces that spread from IIS to C# and VB.NET. Everything on a Windows Server is accessible via a GUI, while Linux requires you to understand and remember specific switches and applications, even develop your own applications and compile them yourself in order to complete simple tasks. Windows Phone is similar where it is very simple, to make an app, add some logic, and deploy. Take a look and learn how to create your own OAuth application on Windows Phone.

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