iPhone 5! Research, Invent, Milk, Sue, Rinse, Repeat

Can you believe that the iPhone market phenomena has only been around for only 5 years? The original iPhone was released June 29th, 2007, giving us a variety of versions as the years have gone on. This first iPhone was released right before the world economic collapse began and survived the ruins of what are today’s financial systems, lifting Apple to become the largest company in the world. Imagine what Apple would be in a world of complete economic prosperity. Would Apple be worth 5 times more? Or would there have been much more serious competition in the market place?

Research: The truth of the matter is that Apple released a “valuable” product, where Blackberry’s were quickly deemed inferior to smart applications, and Windows Smart Phones were simply put to shame. The need to do more at your finger tips were primed by the stability of the business world’s experience with of computers and the internet nearing 2007. What was missing, intuitiveness and usability. Real interaction with a device that made sense with human’s.

Invent: How do you solve this issue? The only company that was primed to solve this issue was Apple and it took 6 years to evolve into an iPhone. The iPod, being the device of music was ready, and with major deals with the co-release of iTunes, the iPod ruled the music world allowing a device to grow far beyond any other MP3 player out there. With all this new research money, let’s invent something even larger than a music player. The demand is there and we are primed for growth. So then, the iPhone was released (2007).

Milk: Everybody likes milk. The iPhone, like all products, has to work out its kinks. And with kinks, come new opportunities for improvement. And with a platform to provide, upgrades exist. And with upgrades, new and different accessories. This, ladies and gentlemen, is called your “milking” period. One that Apple has had the opportunity to perform for some time. With each upgrade, innovation, and bug work out, Apple gains the opportunity to get more money from their already invested customers.

Sue: As with all proven business models, if there is an area for competition that a company feels that they can gain ground on, and earn profit, they take advantage. Google, clearly saw this market-place and the evolution, purchasing Android in 2005 and creating the Open Handset Alliance in 2007, 11 months after the iPhone announcement and 4 months after the release. Google was smart to put in several patents in 2007 prior to these arrangements. And with the most recent success of Android, and the 10+ companies all providing alternatives to the iPhone, Apple could now cash in on their patent’s and further “milk” the industry that they came to own by legal action.

Rinse: iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 – We have competition now. Now we need to make our product stronger. Match your competition, build hype and release. Upgrade, add new features, and build new opportunities. Make bold statements about future technology, own your market, give your community what they want. Each of these iterations have simply been upgrades.

Repeat: The update from iPod to iPhone was a true innovation. It took the market by storm, in the midst of an economic collapse. A stock price of $200 drops to $80, and now today at $650+. But the true question now comes out. As more time goes on, Android and competition Windows Phone will take more market share and build stronger networks. What will Apple’s “Repeat” cycle look like? We cannot throw our hats at the iPad, we need something a bit more revolutionary.

Anodized aluminium, 20% thinner, 20% lighter, more screen, LTE/4G Upgrade, 720p Front Camera, 3 microphones, & better speakers… is this a new iPhone?

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