Jolicloud, HTML5, and New OS’s for Today’s Web

If you have been a reader of my website the past couple of years, you would have heard my ridiculous estimations at HTML5 complete takeover on the web, somewhere between 2018 to 2020. That is 5 years out! You would also know that, although I have a passion for these technologies replacing our current, we commonly find that they fail and do not get very far. WebGL, sockets, and others have not been able to span past the digital gap due to the fact of saturation of integration.

Why would we want to use a WebOS using complete HTML5 systems, when we are already loaded into a client type OS? Google Chrome has tried to solve this issue, but there are not many buyers. And Google finds more money in Android, so forwards the money from the “future truth” to the “present-day cash king.” The fact is, the web… with all of its potential, can not yet take over today’s client based machines, at this current time. HTML5 is much slower than the anticipated hype… unfortunately. There are small wins, but not as fast a pace as you would think today.

Just calling it like it is… but…!/dashboard is a great example of a successful Web OS, while 3 years ago, it continues to struggle to find market share. Take a tour, let me know what you think.

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