Desktop HTML5: Still in the Back Seat, Just Waiting

HTML5: It’s still not here… I almost feel like it’s a constant reminder that it will take some time for HTML5 to become realized, apparent, and saturated in the desktop world. With Internet Explorer’s ten year support model, we are not expected to see full implementations of HTML5 until quite possibly 2018. And it still seems that all the hype and all the rage is around HTML5, the future, and the direction… even the failures. It amazes me how strong the HTML5 bandwagon is!

With all the rage, with the lack of serious success, with the lack of actual knowledge of what HTML5 is, I often see how HTML5 gets the blame for what really is a series of bad investments, because companies do not properly research the true trends of our market. A common mistake: today’s JavaScript is not HTML5. Most people mistake advanced JavaScript for HTML5 where there is nearly none involved.

Take a look at audio compatibility. We continue to see a war around codecs and styles. Internet Explorer is so far behind, while Chrome is in the lead. Even though HTML5 allows multiple codecs to be listed, it’s almost impractical to go through such an effort. Don’t worry, you need IE9 in order to do any Audio anyways, so your user base is easily behind by 30%.

There is one thing that we can thank Microsoft for. With Internet Explorer we have a predictable web, at least for now, and in the world of global cross-browser compatibility.

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