iPhone 5 / iOS 6 – Early Release Issues and Bugs

Not all that surprising, there are bugs when developing a new mobile operating system. iOS 6 was released with the new iPhone 5 and many of us waited in line and shelled out almost $800 for this new phone. Even on eBay, the lowest price I could find was $650. One thing that I commonly hear from many Apple fans is, “If you are going to release something, why isn’t it perfect, like the iPhone?” Unfortunately iPhone releases are not as smooth as you would thing. Here’s a quick run down on the current iPhone 5 issues and reports:

  1. Odd Screen Issues – Yellow spots and bubbles are appearing on the screen, similar to the iPhone 4 release, two years ago.
  2. Ajax Spinners – Ajax running on Safari for the iPhone has a continual spinner. Lots of sites use Ajax for polling, which means, often an Ajax spinner, which could be annoying.
  3. WiFi Issues – It appears many iOS 6 on iPhone 4 are experiencing multiple WiFi issues. Many 404 errors using WiFi.
  4. iOS 6 Maps – Many say that this release was way too early. It appears that the aerial views are disrupted.
  5. Bluetooth Keyboard – Trouble getting keyboards to run over bluetooth.
  6. Screen Flashing – Looks like quite a few people are getting flashing screens.

All-in-all, it doesn’t seem all that bad. The WiFi issue was a big one, but it sounds like Apple has a fix going out for it already. The iOS 6 maps just seems like an early release, so we should see some very large improvements with the next release. The screen issues happened with the iPhone 4. I imagine that is a manufacturing issue.

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