Bionic Head Gear The Next Big Thing?

Head Gear

Would you wear something like this in public? Perhaps for halloween it would be pretty killer and practical, which I think gives new meaning to wearable tech. At the very least, I’m not sure this would be appropriate to wear while picking up bread and milk at your local grocery store as you may get some wacked out stares…

This “bionic” head gear, designed by Dominic Elvin, is available on his Etsy website in dozens of styles and colors for both men and women. Designed as 21st century art, its purpose is to style your face to be worn at clubs, parties, glamorous evenings, photo shoots, etc.

looks almost tribal?

Some of the designs are quite intricate and complicated while the necklaces for women are relatively attractive. See left. I distinctly remember head gear like this made popular from Star Trek: Next Generation. Remember Seven of Nine? Of course you do! 🙂 One would have to live a pretty interesting life style to wear such a concept and get a way with it, at least the designs meant for your face.

I think Dominic Elvin is very talented and based on the feedback he’s received for his art, I say he has a bright future ahead of him especially if his designs are ever picked up for futuristic inspired motion pictures.

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