Google to Launch New Data Center in Chili

According to, it appears Google will be launching a new Data Center in Chili, the first Latin America data center. They will spend around $150M and have around 20 employees to operate it. With the growing tech industry in South America, this will provide the ever expanding Brazil market, along with major contenders such as Argentina and Chili, with blazing fast data serving as a strategic move to take that market over.

It doesn’t sound all that strange to me. More and more I work with those who spend a couple year sprints in South America. Work is outsourced there, very similarly to how work is outsourced to Poland, Romania, and widely popular, India. Of course there are many other countries who do this, but South America has particular advantages, one of which is a similar time zone to work in.

If I do get the chance, maybe the next trip will take me around to these three cities: Buenos Aires, Santiago, and Brazil.

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