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19 sep

iPhone: Maybe not This time, but the Next Time!

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Evan sent me this video today. Him and I constantly just joke around about this Apple vs. Samsung thing, as you can see in our posts we try to take exactly both lights. Here’s a new ad by Samsung he … Continue reading

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18 sep

Acoustic Levitation – Levitate Water with Sound

**, Electronics, Hardware, News, Space

Could you imagine that someone found a way to levitate water molecules with sound? It’s not all that new, it’s been happening for many years. The act of creating sound waves allows acoustic radiation pressure to literally lift objects in … Continue reading

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17 sep

URL Encode / Decode Tool in the Toolbox

*, JavaScript, News, Programming

From time to time, you find yourself needing to encode URL’s so that you can fit them into parameters in query strings. Often times, this is for website referrer’s and redirects. It’s a common and simple utility, but every now … Continue reading

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16 sep

Samsung Attacks iPhone 5 with New Advertisement

***, Android, iPhone, Mobility

Apple announced the new iphone 5 this week to record sales meanwhile Samsung’s latest marketing campaign is scheduled to respond to Apple’s announcement with a new comparison advertisement. The ad compares some of the hardware specs and features between the … Continue reading

15 sep

Hak5 – Learning Linux, Using CAT with Input

**, DIY, Hacking, howto, Linux

I love these Hak5 tips that educate learning Linux. If you are working on any type of Prompt (DOS) or Linux system, it’s very helpful to use these CAT and Pipe commands. Basically what you can do with these are … Continue reading

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15 sep

Home Office Picture – 7 Screens – HowTo

*, DIY, Electronics, Entertainment, Hardware, howto

I found a picture of my home office I had about 3 years ago, setup with 7 screens. – Here, I wrote a tutorial of how to set it all up. Take a look.

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14 sep

iPhone 5 Sells Out – Now 2 Weeks Wait Time

*, Apple, Electronics, Hardware, iPhone, News

I try to give Apple as much credit as they deserve, they are in-fact the largest company in the world. Sometime I am a little hard on them. But let’s all be very clear about the facts. The iPhone 5 … Continue reading

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13 sep

Jolicloud, HTML5, and New OS’s for Today’s Web

***, Android, Browsers, ChromeOS, Google, Internet

If you have been a reader of my website the past couple of years, you would have heard my ridiculous estimations at HTML5 complete takeover on the web, somewhere between 2018 to 2020. That is 5 years out! You would … Continue reading

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12 sep

iPhone 5! Research, Invent, Milk, Sue, Rinse, Repeat

***, Android, Apple, Electronics, Google, Hacking, iPhone, Microsoft, News, Stock, Windows (Mobile)

Can you believe that the iPhone market phenomena has only been around for only 5 years? The original iPhone was released June 29th, 2007, giving us a variety of versions as the years have gone on. This first iPhone was … Continue reading

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11 sep

9/11 – Video and Photo’s from NASA International Space Station

***, Electronics, Media, News, Space

Something to remember, we weren’t all on this planet when it all went down, but we all still saw it. Last year NASA released photos and a video that would have never been expected, ten years after the 9/11 terrorist … Continue reading

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