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31 oct

Exploding Pumpkin’s for Halloween, with Ellen

*, DIY, Home Projects

I thought that I would share some cool videos of exploding pumpkins for Halloween. Why not?

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30 oct

Tetris Built into a Pumpkin for Halloween

*, DIY, Electronics, Hardware

Pumpktris: If you have read my blog posts for a while now, you will know that I have a special place for anything that involves Tetris. I’ve built Tetris in Basic, TI-BASIC, Java, C++ with OpenGL, and even in JavaScript … Continue reading

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29 oct

Disaster Recovery Plans – Hurricanes, Power Loss, and More

**, Cloud Computing, Clusters, Companies, Databases, Electronics, Hardware, Internet, News

Disaster Recovery, the dreaded, but absolutely essential part of every company who relies on storing those 0’s and 1’s. Essential to companies who thrive off computing power and virtual worlds. It’s not often that natural disasters roam the earth, but … Continue reading

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27 oct

AWS, Netflix, Instagram vs. Frankenstorm 2012 – Internet Uptime Challenge

**,, Architecture, Cloud Computing, Clusters, Facebook, Internet, Netflix, News

It wasn’t more than 3 months ago that Amazon Web Services (AWS), Netflix, and Instagram all dealt with a storm that knocked out services for a couple of hours in the Northern Virginia region and thanks to “Frankenstorm” Sandy, it … Continue reading

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26 oct

Flood Lights and Motion Detection

***, DIY, Electronics, Hardware, Home Projects, howto, News

Security is very important to me, so my family can feel save inside our home protected from the elements outside. This is why my front porch is configured with a security camera, which snaps pictures should anyone approach my front … Continue reading

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25 oct

Ultra HD Television to Break the 1920×1080 Spec

***, 3D Graphics, Electronics, Entertainment, Hardware, Media, Solar, Space

Proposed specifications for an even better High Definition TV have been around forever. Advanced science and space companies even have had these displays custom built for them to make their monitoring and display units even better. Film and movies have … Continue reading

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24 oct

So what does this E=mc2 thing actually mean?

***, History, News, Solar, Space

You know it, your friends know it, heck even your parents and grandparents know it, but how many of you actually know what E=mc2 really means? If you do not know don’t feel bad about it. Because the reality is … Continue reading

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23 oct

iPad Mini and New iPad (4th Gen)

***, Apple, Electronics, iPad, News

The rumors are true! After years of speculation, Apple finally revealed the iPad Mini today at the┬áCalifornia Theatre in San Jose, California. I can’t help but remember the speech Jobs gave in 2010 about why the world doesn’t need anything … Continue reading

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23 oct

iPad2 Halloween Costume – Gaping hole in torso

*, Apple, DIY, Electronics, Hardware, Internet, iPad

Are you looking for a costume idea and do you have two iPad2’s? Well, take two iPad2’s and connect them over WiFi or a high speed internet connector and do a facetime video call. Taping or sewing each iPad to … Continue reading

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22 oct

Hacked Portal Gun Actually Levitates a Companion Cube

*, DIY, Electronics, Hacking, Hardware, howto

After doing some research, I found out that this Portal Gun comes from a game called Portal 2, a first person shooter developed by Valve (creators of Counter Strike), where you solve puzzles by transporting yourself and objects through flat … Continue reading

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