Styling Your Source Code with Visual Studio

If you have programmed for a while, you know that writing code in plain text is just daunting to the eyes. Yes, it makes for great practice and you can brag about how great of a programmer you are. But for me, I am all about making things work the most efficiently as possible, and coloring my code makes me a much more efficient programmer. And after you have used color coding and automatic indentation techniques for the best formatting of your code, plus spending countless hours starring at a computer monitor, you will find yourself hating that white background.

The colors White, Yellow, Cyan, and Pink are some of the most strenuous colors on a monitor. So, why not reverse your color scheme and work off a dark base. This allows for your code to come forth in more prominent colors: white, yellow, cyan, pink, red, and others, while the rest of your vision doesn’t have to worry about all the bright colors surrounding what is most important, the code. And rather than use dark blacks, and bright yellow’s, cyan’s, etc… Switch to off-brights and pastels. You will notice your production climb, stress reduce, and vision enhance.

Just download the Visual Studio settings you prefer, and in Visual Studio, Select “Tools” | “Import and Export Settings…” and you are good to go.

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