Windows 8 in the Work World – Future of Biz?

It seems that Desktop PC’s have completely saturated the market. It only took about 25 years or so. And it made some companies very large and dominant: the best example being Microsoft.

Windows 8 is one of the few tablets that allows cross-platform between a usable tablet, a portable laptop, and even enough power to launch all of your business applications, launching and extending your tablet, into a potentially completely docable to hook into your office. That now allows your tablet and Windows 8 machine to expand to 24 – 27 inche viewing for your office work station, with a real keyboard and mouse, all at the same time allowing you to unplug and carry with you as a tablet, where you can have a flat portable cover that is your keyboard.

I think it sounds like a great alternative for work. Windows Tablets of the past did inject their way into businesses, but the pen touch, and lack of usability with power and extension to an office space quickly got rid of that vibe. Microsoft initiating the development with “usability” in mind may push windows and the work force into the tablet world. This is where I see the next huge push from Microsoft.

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