AWS, Netflix, Instagram vs. Frankenstorm 2012 – Internet Uptime Challenge

It wasn’t more than 3 months ago that Amazon Web Services (AWS), Netflix, and Instagram all dealt with a storm that knocked out services for a couple of hours in the Northern Virginia region and thanks to “Frankenstorm” Sandy, it looks like they will all have another challenge as Hurricane Sandy will be roaring through the east coast during the beginning of next week. Northern Virginia (NoVA has statistically been a very sound, secure, and safe (but expensive) place to setup your servers and broadcast to the world. But this year, NoVA will be dealing with it’s second potential major power outages.

The storm is called Frankenstorm, partially because it will land and effect through Halloween, and mostly because it is a hurricane colliding with a winter storm plus a cold front. We will see all next week, what portions of the US internet get knocked down. Good luck to AWS, Netflix, and Instagram.

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