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22 oct

Android Phone as Wrist Watch (The Ultimate Wrist Watch)

*, Android, DIY, Electronics, Hardware, howto

I have a couple posts about using your enormous phone as an in-car dash navigation and radio. But what about as a watch? iPod Nano has wrist straps where you can use your iPod as a watch display. But with … Continue reading

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21 oct

More Windows 8 Surface Advertisements – iPhad

*, Apple, Electronics, Hardware, iPad, Microsoft, Windows

With Windows 8 announcement of their prices, they are directly competing against iPhad’s price, excuse me, iPad. And there is no 16 GB model. From what I hear, the Windows 8 operating system takes approximately 12 GB, while iPad takes … Continue reading

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20 oct

Windows 8 in the Work World – Future of Biz?

**, Electronics, Hardware, Microsoft, Mobility, Windows

It seems that Desktop PC’s have completely saturated the market. It only took about 25 years or so. And it made some companies very large and dominant: the best example being Microsoft. Windows 8 is one of the few tablets … Continue reading

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19 oct

Apple Makes Two Acquisitions: Particle and Color

*, Apple, Design, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Mobility, News

Do you remember the company that raised several million dollars to build an App, who did not even have a prototype, just an idea? This app was supposedly going to revolutionize the way that pictures are managed and collaborate social … Continue reading

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18 oct

Google (GOOG) Falls 9% off Leaked Earnings

**, Companies, eBay, Google, News, Stock

Google dropped 9% today after earnings, which are supposed to be reported after the close of the day, were leaked to the street reporting a Huge $1.62 revenue loss per share. Google generated $11.33B, missing by $530M. It’s a huge … Continue reading

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17 oct

Architecture Design and Documentation in 3D UML

***, 3D Graphics, Architecture, Hardware, Internet, News

Working with complex software stacks and systems can get quite confusing. And without working in that environment for a couple years, or if you are trying to create a complete network of systems and application layers froms scratch, you need … Continue reading

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16 oct

New Slingbox 350 and 500 Announced From Sling Media

**, Electronics, Mobility

I’ve been a faithful Slingbox owner for about 5+ years now owning a couple Slingbox classics and proud owner of their Slingbox Pro HD. I’m very excited to share some good news that¬†Sling Media, maker of the¬†Slingbox set-top media streaming … Continue reading

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16 oct

Felix Baumgartner – Red Bull Stratos – Space Jump

*, History, News, Space

On Sunday, after a couple of failed launches, Felix Baumgartner made history with this world record free-fall jump. He jumped out of a space capsule, lifted 24 miles high in the sky, literally in space, by a special made hot … Continue reading

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15 oct

To Succeed, You Must Fail and Persevere

***, Companies, DIY, Entertainment, History, Microsoft

I’m a sucker for success stories, one who does nothing but study success, find new ways to succeed, and loves to see the underdogs win through hard work and effort. Life is about perseverance and determination. Intelligence, smarts, and whit … Continue reading

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14 oct

Waterfall Swing Set – Mechanical Water Stream

*, Electronics, Hardware, Robotics Have you ever been on a swing set during a rain storm? This cool little project uses a programmatic and mechanical swing set that drips water down a swing set. The catch is that the water will never hit … Continue reading

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