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29 nov

In-Dash Car Navigation Units vs Smart Phones and Tablets

***, Car Computing, Electronics, Hardware, History, Mobility, News

Why is it that every time you go buy a car, new or used, it seems that the navigation units are antiquated? I think the single most frustrating thing about cars today are the lack of advancements in the in-dash … Continue reading

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28 nov

FCKEditor with Firefox 17 Requires Updating – Not Displaying

***, DIY, Firefox, Internet, JavaScript, News

FCKEditor came out in 2003, which makes it just about 10 years old and is still heavily used around the internet today as the Open Source WYSIWYG that any user and open source packager can get for free integration. That … Continue reading

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26 nov

Microsoft Copies Again? Google Glass and Augmented Reality

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I have to be careful when I say that one company is copying another company. The truth is that many of these companies have the ideas and potentially some start projects going on in many of these areas. The other … Continue reading

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25 nov

Microsoft & Store Copy Apple, In All Aspects

***, Android, Apple, Design, Electronics, Hardware, Internet, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Microsoft, News, Windows, Windows (Mobile)

What is good about having a lot of cash and time to develop your products? Well, you have the chance to copy a successful companies business model, in almost all aspects, to find your niche and compete on a high … Continue reading

24 nov

Unique 2012 Christmas Technology Gifts for Him or Her

***,, Android, Electronics, Entertainment, iPad, iPhone, Media, Mobility, Windows (Mobile)

It’s that time of year again to find the perfect gift for your family or friend. I know what it’s like trying to match last year’s gift or find something better. It’s a great feeling to surprise that special someone … Continue reading

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22 nov

Nintendo Wii to Lead in New Generation Gaming

***, Apple, Games, Hardware, Mac, Microsoft, Mobility, News, Windows

Nintendo is now raising the stakes. In a world where gaming used to release consoles every two years or so, now with the new Nintendo, this will be a 6 year release cycle. To keep the money rolling in these … Continue reading

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21 nov

Chrome Extension Stylebot

***, Chrome, Design, DIY, Google, Hacking, howto, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Microsoft, User Experience

I use many web development chrome extensions every day to assist with my daily web responsibilities at the office. Meanwhile, I also use extensions to help with my browsing experience for general website surfing. My most recent chrome extension that I discovered … Continue reading

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20 nov

World of Web Design as a Layout in MVC

***, Browsers, Design, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Mobility, Photoshop

In all web applications, it’s easy to find developers copying code and not maintaining single source areas to provide content. Specifically with websites and web design, the need to have templates wrap content became apparent with static code represented in … Continue reading

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19 nov

Emulation, Code Porting to OS’s, Mobile, and Steam moving to Linux?

***, Architecture, C++, Java, Linux, Mac, Microsoft, Mobility, OS, Programming, Windows

Many people think that when you create an application, you are stuck with the Operating System that the app is created on. Not true. Code, that creates applications, is a lot like many other things in life: Power Adapters, USB … Continue reading

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18 nov

4 Way Power for USB Devices: iPhone, Android

**, DIY, Electronics, Hardware, Home Projects, howto, Mobility

Traveling can put some heat on your cell phone batteries. Nice phones have nice camera’s. It’s very convenient and after a hundred snaps, plus using the GPS and maps to find your way around. Your battery get’s drained quickly. So … Continue reading

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