Bravo’s Startup’s: Silicon Valley – Oh My!

My girlfriend loves to watch anything Reality TV related, so somehow they are always on TV at my home. And Bravo is one of those stations that just pumps them all out. Well one that I actually sat down and watched for a little bit was “Startup’s: Silicon Valley”. I love California, startups, and technology, so why not take a look. And my reaction? “Oh My!”

It’s basically like any other of their show’s. Somehow the show revolves around relationships, with technology, a mix of sexual orientation, good looking males and females, typically ages 18 – 30, and then they splice in all the drama they can find. Almost as it is simply a reorganized typical Reality TV show with the intended audience of the young adult in the technology sector.

Unfortunately you do not learn so much about how startup’s actually get started.

Bravo, that is very brave of you. Put money in the hands of pretty people all in the same room and just see what happens. lol, I will not be keeping up with this show… but for some reason I’m still a little interested… ? odd…

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