Unique 2012 Christmas Technology Gifts for Him or Her

It’s that time of year again to find the perfect gift for your family or friend. I know what it’s like trying to match last year’s gift or find something better. It’s a great feeling to surprise that special someone with something fun or unique and that’s what I’m here to try to do for you. Lets beat the line together and shop online as much as we can and I’ll help you save a little extra so we can squeeze a bit more out of our budgets*.

Below are some great technology gift ideas that I own or would like to own some day that should meet the needs of someone special in your life. Should you have any ideas that you’d like to share, please share them in the comment section below. I’d like to make this a living document to post additional ideas before the holiday shopping season is over, so come back often to read more…

Set of 3 Round Melted Edge Remote Controlled Multi Color Changing Flameless Wax Pillar Candles, Made with Real Wax

These aren’t your typical flameless candles that you can buy at your local Bed Bath and Beyond or Target stores. This set is a very unique gift, because they can be changed to 12 wonderful colors using a remote control, something a traditional candle can’t do. The colors include red, green, 3 shades of blue, orange, light green, yellow, purple, white and light red.

In addition to the colors, the candles come with a flickering light mode, solid light mode, timer mode (turns on automatically for 4 or 8 hours then auto off for 20 or 16 hours) and multi-color cycle mode. They are made of real wax with a naturally melted top, come in multiple sizes 4″, 5″ and 6″ with a 3″ diameter and are powered by a single “C” battery.

We love candles in our house, but we rarely get to light them, because as they say you should never be out of sight of a lit candle. Hollywood loves to show us a room full of romanticly lit candles meant to surprise a mystery guest, but that is just not safe (or practical) for anyone to risk an accident. Now you can achieve this wonderful look of having candles lit to any color you choose automatically. It’s pretty crazy actually if you think about it. We have our flameless candles lit all over our walls and it’s pretty cool!

Here a couple creative ideas to help set the mood, combine the multiple colors as center pieces for weddings, birthdays or dinner parties. Other ideas include candles for your shelves, sconces or top of shelves that are out of your daily reach.

These candles make the perfect gift for that special someone and each one couldn’t feel or look anymore like the real deal. Meanwhile, nothing beats how safe you will feel knowing you can leave the room with all your candles lit. Enjoy!

Best sale price at ThinkGeek.com at $24.99 for 3 candles + $5.74 shipping

AGloves: Smart Gloves for Your Touch Screen Devices

It’s cold out, but that doesn’t mean your fingers need to stay cold just to answer a phone call, reply to text message or update your facebook status.

Traditional gloves don’t work with touch screen devices, because your skin is insulated by the gloves. Touch screens require a capacitive material such as your fingers to change the electrical charge of the touch screen. So the solution is to lace the glove with a capacitive material (silver) to transfer the electrical charge from your hand to the touch screen. Pretty clever!

Since your touch devices require two fingers to pinch to zoom, I’ve seen some gloves with the same capacitive material only support your index and thumb. What’s nice about these gloves is they support all 10 digits with its conductive material.

So, if there is one gift that you need this holiday season, be sure to ask for a touch screen glove so you can use with your new smart phone.

On Sale $17.99 with free 2-day Prime Shipping

JBL SoundFly Air

This is a brand new product that was just released a few weeks ago. So, you’re not going to find it on sale really, but I promise you if you have an iPhone or an iPad, then add a JBL SoundFly Air to your families wish list this year. The portable speaker market is one of the hottest gifts you can buy for your significant other right now. Imagine filling any room with music that has an outlet with just a single touch of a button. This is a gift every music lover will appreciate!

The JBL Soundfly Air is designed to compliment your computer, smart phone or tablet. It doesn’t play music independtly of your devices, its goal is to extend the music playing from your smart devices to this speaker plugged directly into your wall.

Why is this better than a typical speaker you attach to your computer? Your typical speakers are a slave to your computer (or other device) tethered by a short wire. That’s no fun, because you have to bring your computer to the speaker and leave it there whenever you want louder and playful sound. With the SoundFly Air, you can have up to 4 speakers at a time playing music wirelessly all over your house with your phone in your pocket to change the song. You can have a speaker in your kitchen, office, bedroom, master bathroom, garage, etc all playing music. It’s an absolute beautiful feeling to fill your life and home with music and what better way to do it than with a wireless speaker. I was raised on JBL sound and to this day they offer some of the best audio quality at a great price in a very competitive market!

Should you have an Android smart phone or Windows phone then pick up the “JBL SoundFly BT” which supports music over bluetooth. It’s important to note the bluetooth model does not support playing music from multiple speakers at a time. This is an exclusive feature of Apple’s airplay technology, which is supported by the JBL SoundFly Air model. So, owners of an iOS Apple device, grab yourself the Air model.

iPhones, iPads and Macs: JBL SoundFly Air ($199)
All other devices: JBL SoundFly BT ($179)

Balance Smartphone Scale by Wahoo Fitness

We don’t have a scale in our house, but if we did it would certainly be a Balance Smartphone Scale by Wahoo Fitness. This $99 unit is real smart, but not only can it scale your weight, but it also tracks your BMI and then logs, charts and graphs your weight progress over time to help you achieve your weight goals. Now that is smart! It communicates with your next generation Apple iOS device via bluetooh 4.0. Profiles can be setup for up to 16 different users and its internal memory can even save up to 130 separate weight readings.

The Balance Smartphone Scale is compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, fifth-generation iPod touch, third-generation and fourth-generation iPad, and iPad mini. Now available for preorder, the Balance Smartphone Scale ships the first week of December.

Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper Drive Garage Door Opener with MyQ Technology and Battery Backup

It’s every man’s dream to have a whisper quiet garage door for their home. Why do you ask? Because it’s just something to improve I guess… That’s what we do. It’s certainly mine at least and one day I’ll complete this dream. Why I think you’ll love this garage door opener just as much as I will is it can be controlled by your smart phone or tablet. The year 2000 has come and gone, and we still have dumb appliances all around us. If you have a bedroom above your garage, like my family does, then it’s time to help that family member who suffers from a loud garage door and have a little fun with your little upgrade project while you’re shopping for a quieter solution.

To take advantage of the phone compatibility, point your browser over at MyLiftMaster.com and create yourself an account. The iPhone app and Android app is called LiftMaster. You can download your free iPhone app or Android app once your new garage door is installed. The main requirement is your garage door requires MyQ technology and this model supports this.

Other features include:

  • 3/4 HPS Belt Drive-strong as a drive-train timing belt quietest opener available lifetime warranty
  • Timer-to-Close – Automatically closes the garage door if you forget can be set for 1, 5, or 10 minutes
  • Low Energy Consumption uses 1 watt standby power CFL compatible
  • Motion-Detecting Control Panel hands-free light activation set Timer-to-Close Learn accessories without getting on a ladder

On Sale $248 with free 2 day Prime shipping

Set of Six Wireless Remote Control Key finder

Now is the time to help your husband out and buy him something to find those keys he keeps losing. He may not go, “wow! you bought me what I’ve always wanted” on Christmas day (or maybe he will?), but I can assure you he will repay you with a thousand thank you’s the next day when he looses his keys again. I bought a key finder for a family member a couple years ago and she was very thankful about a month later. When my mother-in-law was working in the yard, she accidentally threw away the shed key in the garbage. She would have never found her key if it wasn’t for the key finder. Also, this key fab could be attached to anything really. Tape it to a remote control, ladies can drop one in their purse and guys can store one in their wallet. Let your imagination be your guide.

On sale $39.99 with free 2-day Prime shipping

Rocketfish Wireless Stereo Headphones (RF-RBWHP01)

I have a pair of these wireless headphones and use them a couple times a week especially on Sunday nights when I watch new episodes of the Walking Dead without disturbing my wife as she sleeps peacefully. The real purpose of a pair of headphones like this is to compliment those late night TV cravings we sometimes have and just want to stay up a little longer.

I chose this model over others, because a charging station was important. We keep a lot of batteries in the house to power my son’s toys, but I do my best to keep my gadgets battery free. These are also very comfortable to wear and adjusts to multiple sizes. You can wear them for hours and they don’t ever hurt. Set up is a breeze and you’ll truly love the sound you’ll get from these. Never ever have I had an audio problem and should you do, which can be caused by interference from other electronics, you can easily switch channels with a click of a button.

On sale 54.84 + $6.99 shipping

Standzfree Floor Stand for all iPads

This is a seriously unique gift idea. Don’t laugh. Every iPad owner is currently suffering or every new owner will soon be suffering, because you have to hold your tablet in order to use it and eventually your arms will get tired. Sounds like an oxymoron type of statement, but eventually you will probably no longer want to hold it or put it on your lap for certain situations. Perhaps you just want your iPad to float at eye level in bed for reading purposes? That’s what the Standzfree Floor Stand is meant to do. It’s the mother of all stands, because it has many practical applications. I promise your arms will thank you.

On sale for $86.96 with free 2-day Prime shipping

Ana Bath LSS5430CCP 4 Inch 5 Function LED Handheld Shower and LED Showerhead Combo Shower System, Chrome Plated Finish

How crazy looking is this shower head? It’s a dual handheld shower and shower head system that’s powered by water! No battery or electricity required to light the LED shower system. The handheld piece is 60″ stainless steel and the best part is both shower heads can be on at the same time making shower time extra fun! The brightness of the LED is directly linked to the water pressure. So, if you have low water pressure you may want to think twice about ordering this light show otherwise I would recommend Speakman S-2222-HS-CP-I Heavenly Anystream 360 Dual Shower Head.

On Sale 79.99 with free 2-day Prime shipping

Smartak Audio Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker with Dock Transmitter

I love listening to music, local news or anything that’s on the radio when I’m getting ready, but I rarely get to listen to what I want in the mornings since it’s consumed mostly by my son’s cartoons at breakfast. So, I’ve been searching for an idea to get back some of that lost time when I’m getting ready in the morning. The wireless waterproof shower speaker is designed to compliment your portable device such as an iphone, ipad, etc. Should you have an app you listen for music or talk radio, simply plug your device into the docking station and the water proof receiver will play your app in the shower. Morning news headlines average about 1 minute in length meanwhile an average shower lasts between 10 to 15 minutes. That’s a perfect opportunity to get in some extra headlines while you’re getting ready, so for most this would make for a great gift for that special person who enjoys a little extra information before they head off to work.

On sale for 69.99 with free 2 day Prime shipping from Amazon.com

Panasonic ER224S Cordless Hair and Beard Trimmer

I was on the hunt for the perfect beard trimmer earlier this year and I found what I think is the perfect solution. For myself, I needed something that offered multiple length settings, cordless and easy to clean. When I say easy to clean, I wanted to run it under water or use it fully emerged in water. The panasonic ER224s met all those requirements and best of all it came with an affordable price. There are some other nice features like a pop-up detail trimmer for side burns or mustaches, but that’s all the detail trimmer is designed to be used. Should guys need to trim the hair beneath their neck to keep the clean look of a full beard they will need an electric shaver, which is a completely different product. Replaceable blades are also available (WER9605P). I use my beard trimmer about 2 to 3 times a week depending on the mood and it works great. I’m usually done trimming within about 2 minutes with a perfect beard trim every time. I chose this beard trimmer, because it was simple to use and just plain works. I didn’t want to go over board with an all purpose device, because my experience with those types very rarely performs as well I would expect. So, I focused on choosing the most important features: multiple lengths, water proof and easy to clean.

On sale for 24.77 with free 2-day Prime shipping

*Please note: Amazon prices are known to fluctuate every day. These prices may be higher or lower at the time you’ve read this story.

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