Redbox Instant by Verizon to Enter Streaming Video

The past few weeks, I realized that I have all sorts of streaming video sources that I did not even intend to sign up for? I originally had Netflix, which is how I watched all of my online content. Hulu came into competition, but because of Comcast, I am no longer using that. Comcast has become my source of true on-demand content for recently aired TV shows. And then if I cannot find it on Netflix or Comcast, I have my Amazon Prime account, that just so happened to begin streaming video.

Without trying, I now have 3 digital media streaming sources. I’m considering dropping Netflix now. So, why would I want to sign up for Redbox Instant? Comcast and Amazon entered my life through means other than attempting to get me to sign up for digital media. Comcast is my TV service and now streams online, while Amazon is my shipping and biggest online ordering system, now provides great content, while also trying to sell me some.

The one that I do not use, is Redbox. Redbox is typically geared for a different market. A market that all may not be well equipped online. So their entry to the digital media stream will be interesting. Maybe Verizon’s tag to help them enter, with the addition of equipping FiOS could push them over that edge. Interesting entry, time will tell.

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