Apple isn’t going Up, What About Tech All-Together

Technology, Small Caps, and Emerging Markets are typically a leading indicators of the stock market. Apple is a very good sign of where the market is heading as it is the most popular tech company, as well as the the most valuable company in the world, period. So what is going on with Apple’s stock price? What everybody thought was a 10% correction in the market, seems to be a bit more than originally expected. Today, Apple, which is one of the safest companies to invest in, lost 6% of its value. And it feels like the correction is in jeopardy of keeping strong.

Take a look at this trend line, which is an extremely popular way to judge how overall stock market consensus feels about a particular company or a trend all together. Apple bounced off of a multi-year trend and is now sinking back to its resistance levels. This is all to scary for investors. The media will blame the iPad Mini’s lack of sales, the trends in technology, but the real truth is behind the market. Investors store and hide money in companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Exxon, and IBM as a way to invest safely. But if investors feel that they are not secure in these staples, they move to cash and that hurts the big names, in addition to the stock market as a whole. We are dealing with $200B+ market capitalizations here.

It’s a bit scary, it seems the market continues to be in fluctuation. Take a look at this trend over the past year.

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