SmartPhone Mirroring to In Car Dash Screen

Why have I been spending so much time thinking of finding Galaxy 7 Tablets and tablets similar which I can just place right into my double din in car dash unit? I’ve spent time thinking about how to provide internet connections and an FM backup radio in the case that I am way out of a network. I have to invest several hundreds of dollars in order to get a brand new OS into my car.

Why not just mirror my current phone, with a remote touch screen? Well it looks like this Australian company is already doing this. Take a look.

It looks like at the very least, you will need to root your phone. You will also have to get some form of Standalone LCD + Dash kit or integrate into an existing Headunit. You can also integrate with the existing in dash factory monitor inside your car. There are details on exactly what you need on the store page.

This is compatible with:
All Motoroal DROID with HDMI outputs
Samsung Galaxy S2/S3
Galaxy Nexus
Galaxy NOTE
Atrix (Use Photon ROM)

APPLE (JB Required)
iPOD 2,3,4
(upto iOS5.1.1 is supported)

I still need to do more research, but thought it would be worthwhile to let everyone know about it. If I do in-fact go this route, I will be sure to put something together on this blog.

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