Blocking Ads in Chrome, Facebook, CNN, and Others

Ads can get quite annoying. The web has turned into a place where impressions and click’s drive an entirely new sector of marketing tactics and campaigns in order to sell products that you might be interested in. The web provides much more than typical television or newspaper ads.

Because the web is so dynamic and that your user information can be tracked in such greater detail, ads are specifically geared towards what you are looking for. This means that often times, you may not know what an ad is on any specific website.

Ads are not bad things, but they do clutter a website and can hurt in your ability to get the content you are truly looking for. This Chrome extension will eliminate ads for you on nearly any website that you are on. It works by detecting common off-site ad tracking scripts and removing them dynamically via your browsers JavaScript extensions and HTML’s dynamic Document Object Model.

This way, you will clean up a page, free from ads. It’s one of Chrome’s most popular extensions, with 10M+ downloads.

There are Safari, Opera, and Firefox versions also. Visit in your specific browser, to be forwarded for more information.

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