Netflix Ranks Major ISP Bandwidth Speeds

What better way to rank major ISP bandwidth than to measure the speed at which they can stream videos. Streaming videos is one of the highest demand ways to suck up bandwidth as motion picture and high definition can take up serious amounts of space. With the evolution of high speed internet providers, streaming video has become very normal. With 4G on mobile devices, streaming video is become normal, wirelessly, and where ever you are.

I find two things surprising about these statistics.

  1. Comcast is doing surprisingly well. The whole craze of Fiber Optics being the future is not all the way true, right now. I have heard and talked with others who claim the coax cable has the capability to push 300mbps+ and some even claim it can potentially push 1gbps, which means fiber has a long way to compete.
  2. The other interesting fact was how poor AT&T Mobile’s bandwidth was, ranked 21. While Sprint (20), TMobile (19), and Verizon (18) were all higher. Very astonishing. I wonder if this is because the 4G maps are so much more sparse or not.

A very cool find.

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