iOS 7, Samsung Galaxy S IV, Blackberry 10

Phone’s, Phone’s, Phone’s!! Mobile devices, especially Samsung phones, are like Chrome and Firefox browsers! A new iteration comes out every couple months! Typically at around a price of $800 brand new. Yikes… and they sell!

Okay, we have some new updates coming down the line, including iOS 7 under new management and the Samsung Galaxy S IV coming in the spring. But have we now maxed out features on our latest high tech smart phones? The hardware has pretty much become stagnant. Remember that we are talking about parcels of time split up between the entirety of a 6 year smart phone evolution (2007+, let’s just forget anything before that time).

The one OS that may have some of the biggest updates could potentially be Blackberry. With the art of crafting long term contracts, Blackberry MUST release something that can compete against the iPhone, Android, and Windows mobile operating systems. They have been hit hard, but still have huge connections in business environments.

Until then, myself and many other enthusiasts don’t see too many major improvements over the next iterations coming out this spring.

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