Nexus Cube, The New Google X Phone, Next Year

I may have spoken too soon when I said that there wasn’t anything exciting coming out over the next year. Do you remember when Google bought Motorola? The only thing that we saw from that was the Nexus Cube, which looked more like a ball, and didn’t take off one bit. In-fact, I feel like the entire home media market is simply trash.

Let’s get into that really quickly. The home media market has not conspired to much. Why? Because big box cable and satellite providers are keeping hold with a thread. Video on demand via Comcast, pausing and recording TV shows is all but yesterday’s news. Even ordering movies same-day as theaters is all pretty regular now. Gaming console’s still own the game space. What the home media space needs is either a major team up with a major cable provider, do you remember Tivo DirecTv deal, or to start fresh with a small adapter with pure purpose and weasel their way into the market.

Now for next year, Google will have their entrance into the phone market, pure as can be. The purchase of Motorola is finally showing, but that means that ties with Samsung will get stiff and relationships with 3rd parties will also get interesting. It is very similar to Microsoft releasing their Surface. The difference here is that Android is completely open source, which means Google does not actually own it. They are just the initial developers and the major stake holders in terms of resources.

What so many companies lack, is this sense of vision and future growth of technology. Companies seems to be restricted by dollar signs and never take risks to innovate. In this tough market place of the “Great Recession” all the companies out there are completely too conservative, which is stunting the evolution of growth. I thank Google for taking a shot and attempting to make something great.

I look forward to this Google X Phone, just as I looked forward to the Microsoft Surface, just as I have appreciated Apple’s shift to a Linux core.

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