Kobalt’s Double Drive & Magnum Grip Tools Just Work!

If you’re searching for a great gift idea for your son, father, uncle, brother or any Mr. or even a Mrs. “Fix It” figure in your life then this may be a great solution to compliment their love to build or fix things.

There’s a brand new type of tool in town designed to save you time and frustration when assembling or disassembling anything with a nut or screw and it’s called Double Drive Screwdriver by Kobalt.

The double drive tools are not meant to replace your electric drills, but actually increase the speed it takes to manually drive a nut or screw by hand when you need to control the tork of your project.

Why the new double drive tools are so revolutionary is it contains a dual drive gearing mechanism and when the colar is held and the handle is twisted forward and backward, this continuously drives the nut or screw twice as fast than a typical ratchet driver. Then with a flip of a switch, you can reverse the nut or screw tension with the same double drive ease of use. Also, as an added bonus, all the screwdriver bits that we lose and replace can easily be stored in the handle for your convenience.

Watch the Double Drive screwdriver demo here:

I personally picked up the double drive screwdriver this weekend, because its the most used tool in our house, but Kobalt offers many other commonly used tools with the same new and innovative technology in their ratchet and grip pliers.

Kobalt’s double drive ratchet works the same way as their screwdriver, but handles jobs that other ratchets can’t perform such as:

  1. Where you can’t swing an ordinary ratchet
  2. Where your bolt is too hard to reach
  3. Where you have to remove a part just to get to your bolt

Watch the Double Drive ratchet demo here:

Meanwhile, I can’t forget about the Magnum Grip pliers by Kobalt, because this is how grips should have been designed since the beginning. Multiplying the gripping power and surface area, the parallel dual grips automatically adjust to almost any shape or size preventing that typical slipping issue when using other grove joint pliers. The pliers also have built in wire strippers and a metric measurements to determine socket sizes or pipe diameters.

Watch the Magnum Grip demo here:

Honorable mention would be this awesome multi-drive wrench by Kobalt, which is also on my wish list. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to have dozens of loose sockets to sort and find when I need just one and then reorganize when I’m finished. Compatible with standard or metric hex, square and precision bolts totaling 56 sockets within a single tool. What an awesome invention. Take my money now Kobalt!!

Watch the Multi Drive Wrench demo here:


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