AT&T Out with Data Share Plan, Verizon too

AT&T must be reading this blog, because finally we are seeing discounted data rates for additional devices on our mobile plans. In May, I posted a question asking Why isn’t there a mobile data plan for someone with 5 mobile devices?

Think about it, the consumption of a single user can only be on a multiple of one, but that user may have more than 1 device that they are consuming data over wireless networks. My examples included a mobile phone, mobile laptop, tablet, car navigation, and potentially a full sized laptop (work intensive purposes). There are lots of uses for multiple tablets and when technology is important for your success, data consumption must be accessible, and more and more people rely on technology and that number continues to grow.

AT&T has realized this now, offering a $10 Data Connect plan, that is coupled to your mobile data package. Thank you AT&T. Hopefully this should spur some additional growth in the multi device, single person market.

Verizon has a similar plan, and allows up to 10 devices. You do pay more per device. They have a calculator to figure out your data costs per month here: Verizon Everything Calculator.

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