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31 jan

Panoramic Hi-Res Photos with the Tamaggo 360 Imager

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I love CES because there are always so many things that you miss while going through the week. Here’s a cool extra that I recently found.

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29 jan

iPad 4 128GB vs Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB

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Since the initial launch of Apple iPad in 2010, the available sizes were 16gb/32gb/64gb respectively. Apple announced today the availability of a new 128GB size to be released on Feb 5! There’s an additional $100 cost for this premium size, … Continue reading

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29 jan

Symbolic Links on Windows, Mac, Linux for Dropbox

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Many people feel constrained by the popular cloud storage applications out there. Dropbox, iCloud, SkyDrive, Google Drive, and Box.NET all compete in the cloud storage space as a service. But one of the biggest problems is that you have to … Continue reading

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28 jan

Have you ever heard what a meteor sounds like?

*, Entertainment, Space

Have you were ever wondered what a meteor sounds like? Well today is your lucky day. The below link will take you to a live satellite feed that will give you an opportunity to tune into the sounds of the universe. Space … Continue reading

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27 jan

Unlocking Your Cellphone Will now be Illegal!

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Guess what, all those years of unlocking your cell phone to get them to work on whatever network you want or being able to load up whatever ROM’s you want may soon be moved to the underground. Unlocking cellphones will … Continue reading

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25 jan

Raspberry Pi – The $35 Media Center PC

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The long struggle over the past ten years was creating a Media Center that was cheap and worked effectively. With the Raspberry Pi, we might be just a little closer to that. It’s not perfect, but take a look and … Continue reading

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24 jan

Twelve South HoverBar Adjustable Arm’s for iPad’s

**, Apple, DIY, Hardware, iPad, Mobility

Some cool new toys always come out, and due to the greatness of Apple and their innovative 3rd party providers, we get some added benefits to moving towards an Apple brand system. For example, if you have an iPAD, one … Continue reading

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23 jan

What Would You do with 137.1 Billion Dollars?

**, Apple, History, News, Stock

What would you do with around $140 Billion? Would you buy small startup companies? Become a massive investor? Invent and Patent everything under the sun? Buy other peoples inventions and patents? What else could you invest with that much doe, … Continue reading

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22 jan

Microsoft Allegedly Eyeing Major Dell Investment – VIDEO

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More Microsoft Talks about purchasing other companies. There are some advantages to sitting on so much cash, watching a market that is stagnating, and looking for the next evolution.

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21 jan

Debugging Websites with Google Chrome Inspector


Google Chrome has quickly become the most popular browser on the net. But, there are still quite a few laggers in the market, the majority of those being big business. If you have ever developed, you may know the difficulties … Continue reading

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