Android and iPhone Conference Calling via Waits/Pauses

A particular function and feature of a phone, although not that well known, is the ability to pause and wait, automatically, to enter new phone digits into a phone call. For instance, if you are attempting to call into a GoToMeeting call, you must enter in a phone number, a participant code, and then state your name with a pound sign. Lets say that you are remote and do not have access to your email right off the bat, you call into the same conference number time and time again, well you can program this into your phone.

Btw… thanks for the Blog Post idea Evan. This is what I am doing while I am helping with a project and am often remote. For my call, I have programmed a phone number to the likes of “18884567897,,3216547#,,,,#”. That allows the first set for the phone number, two pauses, and then my participant code, followed by four pauses, and a # that allows half a second for me to say my name.

Enjoy… This has been around for ever. Blackberry, iPhone, Android.

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