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Are you looking for that new piece of technology to help you lose weight? Weight loss is one of the biggest markets where people will simply spend money, in the hopes that the money they spend, automatically takes care of making them stay healthy and lose weight. Unfortunately, it takes a bit more than that, it takes behavior. But, technology can help. So lets take a look at many new electronics that people are using for their weight loss and healthy eating.

HAPIFork – Not for sale yet, but this fork is designed to notify you by LED lights and Vibrations when you are eating too much. It will also tell you how many meals a day you eat, how often, and over what duration. Packed with bluetooth, a USB port, an accelerometer, a vibrator and LED’s, this is sure to help you keep track. Pre-Order by putting yourself on the mailing list.

Digital Scale’s that TrackWithings WiFi Body Scale ($150), Fitbit Aria Wi-fi Smart Scale ($150), and iHealth HS3 Scale ($80): There are a lot of Wifi scales that can work with iOS, Android, and the Web to track your weight on a daily basis. All ranging from $70 – $150

Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer – This is an easy one and should track the last item for your health. Track your walking and how much you travel every day. This encourages parking in further away from stores, taking stairs instead of elevators, and walking laps at lunch time.

Hopefully I have covered the three basics with technology. What you put in you, tracking daily weight, and how much you move. Enjoy!

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