Facebook’s Graph Shared Search Explained

Facebook has released what could be considered the Search of Social Networks, now allowing you to search your entire network, based on human english. Facebook knows your relationships, your interests, where you have been, where you work, and a lot more. With all of this information aggregated into a single source, even allowing personal details, Facebook’s Graph Search hopes to allow you to get even closer with your network.

Google+ has been integrating their social network directly into their applications, search and GMail are common, therefore it’s easy for Google to get you to take another step into their Google+. But Facebook is still the dominant giant in the social network world. Therefore, integrating the search for people into the already most powerful social network out there allows the expansion and reach into many other markets including Social Groups, Meetup’s, Dating, and Schools.

This idea of social search could just be the solution for keeping people even more interested in the already most popular social network out there.


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