Debugging Websites with Google Chrome Inspector

Google Chrome has quickly become the most popular browser on the net. But, there are still quite a few laggers in the market, the majority of those being big business. If you have ever developed, you may know the difficulties of debugging throughout the late 90’s and through to about 2006. There was almost no true JavaScript and CSS editor that existed. Not to mention still working a page to properly fit on multiple browsers, development was a nightmare. On the plus side, if you got good, you were a rare specimen.

In 2006, Firebug was officially under development and went on to revolutionize the way that the Web was looked at. Firefox was dominating the marketplace and it seemed like there was no entry for a new browser to enter the market. In 2008, Google released the ultra light, task independent tabbed, and fastest browser to market. And the wild fire spread very fast. In four years, Chrome took 33% of the Browser market. Today it is among the top in the United States.

And with Google Chrome, a developer tool set to undermine the ever so popular Firebug, Google Chrome Inspector. Now developers can develop, visitors can quickly view, and businesses can stay secured. If you are a developer and are not using Google Chrome, I have some news for you…

Paul Irish drives down on how to use many of the Google Chrome Inspector tools. Find more dev tools here:

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