iPad 4 128GB vs Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB

Since the initial launch of Apple iPad in 2010, the available sizes were 16gb/32gb/64gb respectively. Apple announced today the availability of a new 128GB size to be released on Feb 5! There’s an additional $100 cost for this premium size, coming in at $799 for the wi-fi models and $929 for the wi-fi + cellular models.

The current iOS 6 version dedicates 1-1.5 GB of the device’s flash memory for the system partition, using roughly 800 MB of that partition (varying by model) for iOS itself. So, you’re going to have more than enough space for all your media.

Meanwhile, Microsoft plans to release their brand new 128GB Surface pro at $999 on February 9, but Microsoft confirmed today that a whopping 45GB of space would be dedicated to Windows 8, which also includes preloaded craplets apps. This leaves only 83GB of reaming space with 42% of the Surface Pro consumed by the operating system and other apps.

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